It was a fourth grade homework assignment that should have been easy for the A-student that I was, but for some reason I had put it off. I’d waited until the last minute to get it done, and there I was stressing out as only a fourth grader of my delicate constitution could.

I’m fuzzy on the details but as I recall, the project was for my Geography class. We were tasked with creating a map of a location – might have been Connecticut, or maybe we were allowed to pick a state that we were studying at the moment. Whatever the assignment, I was wrestling with how to accomplish it. I found myself on the evening before the homework was due, completely baffled. Fear of failure, or more likely, fear of not handing in the homework, had me frozen and distressed.

Lucky for me, I have the best mommy ever. My mother, who at the time was a school teacher with vast experience, was there to rescue me.

It’s impressive what one can do with a little poster board, Elmer’s glue and imagination. 

Mind you, there is no doubt that I had to suffer a mini-lecture about putting off my work. It wouldn’t have been right, had my mother not set me straight on the obligation to assume one’s responsibilities. Nine-year-old child, or not, I could learn from this.

ImageWe worked on that map together, gluing feathers from a pillow onto the poster board, letting the Magic Markers inject just the right amount of color and imagery to the location. 

I have no idea what my grade was for that assignment, but the memory of my mother’s support, guidance and compassion has never left me. She didn’t do my homework for me, let’s be clear on that point. She helped me to think it through, and nudged my creativity.

Good mother? The best.


Who has a fond memory of their mother to share? I’d love to hear it!